24 September 2012

16 June 2012

A short film , for my FMP ' The Chelsea Hotel' filmed by Adam Parker and edited By Alex Elkins

9 May 2012

Straight from filming, I have been working at Rhea Thierstein's studio doing endless casting for an upcoming shoot. I also had my first experience promoting, at West Quay in Southampton, promoting the shopping center's stores by using products for lipstick make-over's. Was really fun and an interesting experience!

So.. I have been really busy making wigs and designing the make-up for my final major project, based around the concept of Andy Warhol's voyeuristic underground films of Edie Sedgwick and Rockabilly horror. Here are some snaps of behind the scenes of the film that I designed...

19 January 2012

Stila Style - London - HNEdit Latest Fashion News & Trends, Health & Beauty, Food

 Make-up Amnesty at Harvey Nicols

Stila Style - London - HNEdit Latest Fashion News & Trends, Health & Beauty, Food

Inspiration and designing

 Bob Dylan. It looks as if something is going to happen any minute..
 Horror Punk Zine
 The factory - best facial expressions.
 Vivian Leigh as Cleopatra, I want this head dress.
Band of the moment.

Some more recent work.

 Some Body painting experimenting the Lifeblood of London -the underground.
 Testing- some track marks.
Testing Andy Warhol /Edie Sedgwich /voyerism
 Collaborating with my lovely friend Hannah http://cargocollective.com/hannahpowling
Model-Jette Lindner @ Bookings
Headwear designer- Marcus Richardson

Some work from the past

 Collaboration with my friend Hannah http://cargocollective.com/hannahpowling

 Styling cutting and dressing a wig
 Shots for Electric Composer Jo Thomas http://www.jothomas.me/en/index.php
 Sculpting Thumbs out of Silicone

 Creative wig made from scratch - 'Elizabeth' for Frankenstein

 Bald cap
 with further boils...

1950's rusting housewife Prosthetics / make-up and wig made and applied by me.